Alan and Esteli, pleased to meet you!

We are Esteli and Alan. We often come back to the island of Curaçao and know how great it is to combine our work and vacation on Dushi Korsow.

Here you can enjoy the culture and friendly people, sun, beach and sea. Our focus is to allow visitors to the island to enjoy these pearls to the fullest.

To do this we offer Las Dahlias Apartments. Travelers who visit Curaçao are welcome to us.

The apartments are comfortable, private and fully equipped. We offer these to our friends and lovers of Curaçao for the ultimate experience.

Come with us and discover Curaçao

Curaçao has the most beautiful beaches along the coastline that you should definitely visit. We always let our guests know which beaches you should definitely not miss.

Relax and Enjoy your vacation!

Bon Bini at Dushi Korsow!